“ Subros is the only Integrated Manufacturing Facility in India capable of manufacturing the entire AC Loop.”

Mr. D M Reddy
Executive Director

Compressor & Heat Exchanger Plant

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The compressor plant produces 10P and 10S compressors for various vehicle applications. The plant extensively uses CNC machines and automatic testing equipment for production of compressors. The Heat Exchanger plant produces state of the art Brazed Multi flow Condensers, Radiators, Heat Cores and RS Evaporators.

The facilities cover unique Squeeze & Vacuum Pressure Die Casting for compressor blocks, precision machining centres, Nocoloc Brazing Furnaces, Vacuum Brazing Furnaces and Tube Processing equipment. The production lines incorporate extensive in-line quality checking equipment to ensure that the quality is in-built in to the process.

Pressure Die Casting (PDC)Plant

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Subros possesses India's only Squeeze Die Casting plant to produce high quality intricate castings using squeeze and vacuum die casting. The technology is provided by the collaborator M/s Denso Corporation, Japan.

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