Research and Development

Our customers rely on us as an efficient and effective partner in the development of entire range of automotive thermal management systems. Starting from one dimensional simulations for heat load calculations to entire vehicle level testing in climatic wind tunnel, Subros has excellent capability in all aspects of product design, development and validation.

Subros provides development support to customers in following aspects :


With design and simulation tools, we are able to capture possible issues in design well ahead of tooling investments. Further, we continuously engage in VAVE activities with our customers for product cost optimization and design improvements.Our tools include:

  • Vehicle level packaging in CAD (CATIA, UG)
  • Product Design


Subros has continuously invested in state of the art testing facilities for all aspects of vehicle thermal systems management. These capabilities position us as a reliable partner for component and system validation.Our tools include:

  • Functionality: Thermal Performance and Comfort
  • Airflow Measurement : Airflow performance of HVAC modules in all modes
  • Component Calorimeter : Component level testing of all types of heat exchangers
  • System Calorimeter : Complete A/C system test facility enables detailed system sizing, design and validation
  • Climatic Wind Tunnel : Dynamic testing of vehicle for all air conditioning and engine cooling tests in controlled temperature, humidity, vehicle speed, dynamometer load and solar load conditions.
  • Semi Anechoic Chamber : NVH performance of compressors, HVAC units, radiator fans
  • Reliability and Durability: Thermal Performance and Comfort
  • Vibration Load Testing : Component durability test simulating presence of 3-axis vehicle level vibration loads
  • Environmental Conditions Testing : Component durability in presence of static and cyclic input conditions for temperature, pressure and corrosion resistance
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In addition to this, Subros has a complete electrical components test lab with capability to perform functionality as well as durability tests.

Subros Tool Engineering Centre (STEC)

The Subros Tool Room (STEC) is a well-appointed world-class facility equipped with state-of-the-art machinery such as CNC Machining Centre, WireEDM, CNC EDM and CNC Lathe along with other conventional tool room machines. This neoteric facility is also endowed with CAD-CAM facility with Unigraphics NX2, which forms the backbone of this design and development centre. Our qualified and experienced team fulfils all internal tooling requirements such as PDC Dies, Injection Moulds, Sheet Metal Tools, Jigs & Fixtures and Gauges. It has strong tool design office and large tool manufacturing setup to address captive tool and mould requirements. With its competence to handle a dies upto 20 tons, STEC is adept at niche tooling to meet specialty tool requirements for imports substitution and exports.


Facility is equipped with :

  • Flow Analysis latest software's

    Mold flow for Plastic part flow analysis

    Hyper form for stamping part stress and strain analysis

    Flow 3D for Die cast part Flow analysis

  • Tool Design

    Unigraphics Solution V 9.0

  • Computer aided Manufacturing

    Unigraphics Solution V 9.0

    Peps for Wire cut

    Elcam for Wire cut

    Del cam for 3 axis & 5 axis Machining

  • Manufaucting facility

    Large size ,High speed, High Precision Makino V99 L VMC Machines.and Medium High precision, Makino and HASS VMC Machines

    Large size, High Precision EDM Machines and Medium Act spark EDM Machines

    Robofil 420 and Electronica Wire cut machines

    4 Axis Gun drill machine capacity up to 1.2 meter and dia up to 12 mm

    CNC Lathe Dia 200mm

    Conventional Milling, Drilling and Grinding Machines

    Vacuum Hardening facility by CVE and Capacity up to 5 tons

  • Assembly facility

    Large size Die spotting machine 300 ton and table 3 m X 2.5 m

    Large size Die spotting machine 300 ton and table 3 m X 2.5 m

    Medium size Die spotting machine 150 ton 1.8m X by 1.5M

    Lifting cranes 30 ton auxiliary 20 ton/ 20 ton auxiliary 10 ton


    Carlzessis CMM 1.6 M x1MM with scanning and digitizing facility

    Contour and profile projector and other standard measuring instruments