• compressors

    Subros has a wide range of reciprocating compressors, compatible with eco friendly refrigerant. These compressors are available in different size and capacity to suit all requirements and engine power. Their unique design ensures that these compressors draw minimum power from engine and work efficiently and silently


    Model No. 10SA13
    Type FD Swash Plate
    No. of cylinders 10
    Displacement 125cc


    Model No. 10S13
    Type FD Swash Plate
    No. of cylinders 10
    Displacement 138 cc


    Model No. 10S11
    Type FD Swash Plate
    No. of cylinders 10
    Displacement 117cc


    Model No. 10P08
    Type FD Swash Plate
    No. of cylinders 10
    Displacement 82cc


    Model No. 10SL09
    Type FD Swash plate
    No of Cylinders 10
    Displacement 90cc


    Model No. 10SL15
    Type FD Swash plate
    No of Cylinders 10
    Displacement 157cc


    Model No. SV07
    Type FD Rotary Vane
    No of Cylinders -
    Displacement 70cc
  • condensers

    Subros is the largest manufacturer of automotive condensers in India. These condensers are manufactured in technical collaboration with Denso Corporation Japan.

    The new range of Multi-Flow & Multi-Flow with Integrated Receiver Drier condensers are a new revolution in heat exchangers, which are super efficient, small in size and light in weight.

  • Hvac

    It is abbreviation for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems —the technology of indoor or automotive environmental comfort.

    Heating :In a vehicle heating stands for raising the temperature inside the vehicle using heat from the engine.

    Ventilating :It is the process of replacing air in vehicle space to control temperature or remove moisture, odors, smoke, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, and to replenish oxygen. Ventilation includes both the exchange of air to the outside as well as circulation of air within the vehicle.

    Air Conditioning :It means removal of heat from the vehicle using a refrigerant.

    HVAC consists of Heater, Evaporator & Blower Unit.

    Aluminium Heater light weight, smaller in size, high heat transfer unit suitable for all vehicles.

    • Have higher heating capacity/weight ratio
    • Less air side pressure drop
    • Less coolant side pressure drop
    • Comparatively compact and has less weight

    Multi-Flow: (MF) evaporators are 50% light in weight and 15% more efficient than existing serpentine evaporator. They give higher fuel efficiency, better cooling, and easy service in the field and require less refrigerant.

    RS evaporator:
    Salient features of RS evaporator

    • Highly efficient compact evaporator
    • Having 40% less core weight than existing MF evaporator.
    • Core thickness of RS evaporator is only 38 mm vs. competition offering 48 and 60 mm evaporator.
    • RS evaporators have better temperature distribution than single tank MF evaporators.
    • Reliability is more in case of RS evaporator
    • Superior Surface Treatment


  • Tubes & hoses

    Tubes & Hoses made from special grade aluminium material with wrinkle free bending and special grade rubber material for carrying high pressure environment friendly refrigerant from Compressor to Condenser to Evaporator in order to keep the vehicle cabin cool during summer.Subros also provides Internal Heat Exchanger (IHX) Assy. where by improving the overall efficiency of the AC system.

  • Bus ac

    Subros provides complete range of Bus Air conditioners ranging from 7.5 KW to 36 KW capacity suitable for 4 mtr to 12 mtr buses. High cooling performance and air flow volume have been achieved by the introduction of highly efficient evaporator and condenser and lowering air flow resistance. Fuel saving has been achieved by increased refrigeration cycle efficiency with the introduction of new multi- flow condensers. It uses environment friendly R 134a refrigerant.


    Category Large Bus
    Cooling Capacity 36 KW
    Size roof Unit 3720 X 2000 X 243 mm
    Air Flow 6600 m3/h
    Bitzer / valeo (650 cc)
    Oper. Current 68A @ 24V


    Category Small Bus
    Cooling Capacity 18 KW
    Size roof Unit 2780 X 1495 X 229 mm
    Air Flow 3800 m3/h
    Compressor valeo 310/ TM 310 CC
    Operating Current 66
    Voltage 12V


    Category Small Bus
    Cooling Capacity 7.38 KW
    Size roof Unit 980 X 295 X 125 mm
    Air Flow 800 m3/h
    Compressor 10S13
    Refrigerant R134a
    Oper. Current 43 A @ 12 V
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  • Rail AC

    Subros provides tailored system solutions for driver cabin AC of railway engines featuring compactness, flexibility and easiness to install, irrespective of whether they are diesel or electricity driven engine. We are also working on development of units for Coach AC.

    Cooling Capacity :Upto 6.5 KW

    Key Customer :DLW

    • Cap. – 1.75 Ton
    • 74 V DC
    • HVAC for Diesel Locomotive
    • Cap. – 2 Ton
    • 415V 3 Phase AC
    • HVAC for Electric locomotive
    • Cap. – 2 Ton
    • 415 V 3 Phase AC
    • AC for EMU/ MEMU
    • Cap. – 2 Ton
    • 74V DC
    • HVAC for Alco Loco
    • Cap.– 2 Ton
    • 415 V 3 Phase AC
    • Electric HVAC for Train 18
    • Cap. – 2 Ton
    • 415 V 3 Phase AC
    • EMU Cab AC - RCF
  • Residential AC

    Subros has a complete range of Residential Air Conditioners i.e. Window AC & Split AC system & supplying these products as OEM/ODM to all the leading brands in the Market.

    • 1.0 TR~ 2.0 TR
    • Fixed Speed with refrigerant R32, R410a
    • Invertor speed with refrigerant R32, R410a
    • 1.5 TR : 2,3 & 5 Star with different Grill Options
    • Heat & Cool Window AC units
    • Complete Range out door units with available chassis of 20”,22”,26”
    • ODU Assy can be supplied with or with out compressor Assy
    • Complete Range for 1.0 TR to 2.0 TR
    • Difference Fascia options available
  • Commercial AC

    Subros caters to the demands of both Residential & Commercial Air-conditioner Market by providing a comprehensive product range of Light Commercial AC (1.5 TR ~ 4.0 TR ) & Ductable AC ranges ( 5.5 TR ~ 17.0 TR) to the customer.

    • Double Fan ODU for 4.0 TR Units
    • 26” chassis for 2.5 TR units
    • Hi-Wall IDU range : 1.0 TR ~ 2.0 TR
    • Fixed Speed ductable range : 5.5 TR ~ 17.0 TR
  • Transport refrigeration system

    Subros provides a complete range of transport refrigeration solutions suitable for storage volume upto 50 cu.m for chilling & freezing applications. We design world class transport refrigeration systems keeping energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and safety features in mind making it suitable for preservation of fresh products.

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    Transport refrigeration system
  • Truck cabin ac system

    Featuring next generation technologies, Subros provides a complete range of Truck Cabin AC Systems, while reducing noise, emissions and fuel consumption. It is validated by OEMs and can be customized for varied applications.

    Cooling Capacity :3.0 to 3.5 Kw (For LCVs),
    4.0 to 5.0 Kw (For MCVs & HCVs)

    Key Customer :Tata Motors Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra and
    Ashok Leyland Nissan

    Truck cabin ac system
  • Off-roader ac

    Subros is into designing, manufacturing and supply of Off-Roader AC systems providing heating, ventilation and cooling solutions in case of construction and agricultural machinery such as Tractors, etc. We are also developing full engine cooling module systems for Off-Highway segment.

    Cooling Capacity :3.5 to 4.5 KW

    Off-roader ac